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“ Its the skills that we attain in school that helps us go that extra mile to achieve the grail of success on life. By the next three years we wil help the students to develop their skills. ”



We believe ‘Dream –thought-action’ philosophy is what we would like to be inculcated in each and every student.

  1. Visit by Dr Jawahar Surisetti ( Ph.D (Psychology) University of Washington , Advisor of Govt. of India, Advisor Birla Education, RITEE Group, Rungta Group of Colleges , Director MAIC, Mentor Webwalks, President Religion of Youth, Innovator Think !Curriculum ) for upgrading our mentors related to the psychology of a child.
  2. Seminar by PCTI was organized to help the teachers to assess a child according on the criteria of Life Skills.
  3. Our School organized a Career Counseling Seminar for High & Higher Secondary School, conducted by Mr. Nagesh Banchhor, a member of Rotary Club. This was indeed very helpful for the students as it worked as a search light o choose their career.


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