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“ Its the skills that we attain in school that helps us go that extra mile to achieve the grail of success on life. By the next three years we wil help the students to develop their skills. ”


The Reading Club

“ Books are the quietest & most constant of friends; they are the most accessible & wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers”
The reading club at Holy Cross School, Kapa, has been a great success among the children .It all began with a catchy poster which drew in a few inquisitive readers. Within the month, the number of members are more than doubled . The best is to see them sit together, interact ,discuss and predict on stories they read.The wonderful thing about setting up of a reading club is that you don’t need any gimmicks, or even, too many books . if the club has access to the school library you can sit it up for free(well, for the price of a pocket of chocolate biscuits – obviously!)


Heritage Club programmes’ are designed,to help,to create awareness about India’s heritage.Students learn about lakes,hills,animals, birds, art, folklore,religion and culture.


We all mourn and groan about the loss of the quality of life due the deterioration of our ecology and yet each one of us, in our comfortable little ways contributes daily to its eradication!. It is time now to arouse in each one respect and attention that our beloved mother deserves. We have an Eco Club which includes various activities which make the environment safe.


We have an art club to bring out talent of students to display the beauty of life in its noblest forms, imparting meaning and depth to human existence.


Our school has a science and maths club where students get an apt space to be innovative in experimentation because we believe science is the best boon that God has bestowed upon mankind.


Music can be used as an instrument for ensuring global peace and to act as a binding force. Music club is formed to actualize the potentials of the child.

Tours or Excursions

The school organises regular tours during holidays to areas of educational and historical interest. These tours provide opportunity for the students to explore and widen their horizons and experiences, apart from bonding with colleagues.


"My sayings are my own, my actions are my ministers"

To instill meaningful discipline,to make them understand the importance of unity and to assist our teachers teachers in implementing rules and regulations in school, we have school cabinet consisting of :


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